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"I came to Dr. Grogin broken - both physically and emotionally. I had just injured my lower back while playing golf and I was in terrible pain - I knew, eventually, that I would heal from my injury but I was extremely upset with the idea that I may not be able to play golf which is a passion of mine. I started the Back To Life program within a month of my first visit to Dr. Grogin and worked morning and night for 28 days to be one of the first 'graduates'. Midway through the program I felt subtle changes - I was more flexible than I had ever been before - I was moving muscles that for so long did not work. I was more aware of the pain/twinges that I was experiencing and knew that it was ok to have those sensations, that I could work through them. I looked forward to each session during the 28 days and I am now religiously doing the Maintenance Program twice a day. I am also back to playing golf and last week I broke a 100 for the first time in my life. When I get my first hole in one, Dr. Grogin will get full credit for that accomplishment."

Mary M.,
Suffern, NY

The Back to Life DVDs are quick and easy and can fit into anyone's schedule."

Angela P., 38 years old
New Jersey

"I feel years younger and I can work all day without my back brace. Without Back to Life I couldn't have made it though tax season."

Ted R., 47 years old
Certified Public Accountant
Hidden Hills, CA

"I was excited to start the Back to Life exercise program. What appealed to me was it seemed like a program I could stick to since it was only ten minutes in the morning and ten minutes at night. I found the program very helpful. My flexibility improved considerably and even though I knew many of the exercises from physical therapy, I found myself actually enjoying doing these same exercises with Dr. Larry and the two young women with him in my own home. I found Dr. Larry very encouraging and also enjoyed his sense of humor. I found I was having less pain in my back and I was able to do two mile walks in 30 minutes easily which I hadn't been able to do in a while.
I finished all the DVDs and I am now doing the maintenance. I absolutely love the setting of the ocean and sand."

"I highly recommend the Back to Life program. It works!!!!!"

Pam M., 63 years old
Retired/Administrative Assistant
Moorpark, CA

"I like Back to Life very much! I look forward to it in the morning and evening. I seem to have more pep during the day!

Sylvia Z., 60+ years old
New Jersey

"10 minutes in the AM.
10 minutes in the PM.
Puts a spring in my steps
Helps me stand erect
Relieves the aches and pains
Gives me a feeling of well being
Makes me feel younger and makes others see me as I used to be!"

Irma L., 70+ years old
Volunteer Coordinator
New Jersey

"I could barely walk and could not bend over to tie my shoelaces....... Back to Life literally brought me back to life. Now I run, play ball, ski - without pain. Thank you Doctor Larry Grogin!

Alan P., 73 years old
Big Sur, CA

"Back to Life is a great way to start the day - Dr. Larry is filled with enthusiasm.
It's uplifting!
I Look forward to seeing him!
Back to Life is more of a transformational experience than a workout.
Dr. Grogin is warm and empowering and encouraging.
B2L is filled with wisdom & LARRYISMS!
He enjoys people and healing and it shows!"

Ellen R., 56 years old
Franklin Lakes, NJ

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