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"Strive to have an open heart that can send and receive love."

It is all about balance.

In Chinese medicine the concept of Yin and Yang help define this concept. I equate how we live healthy lives by balancing these two aspects of ourselves.

It is important to develop a sense of ones own inner power and strength. To rely upon ones inner magnificence. To discover our inner greatness.

That said the other half of true health and vitality is developing ones ability to trust connect and rely upon others for help support wisdom and Love. I equate it to driving in a car on a long trip with someone else. You must be capable of driving the car and allowing the other person to relax while you captain the car.

At the same time it is equally important to relax and rest while the other person also drives . And so to be ready gracefully to trust the other driver and then without hesitation be able to slide right into the drivers seat as well.

To say it another way we want to strive to have an open heart that can send and receive love.

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